2. The Five Universal Movements and Haruchika Noguchi

Haruchika Noguchi (1912-1976) made his appearance in public at the age of twelve. After the earthquake that destroyed Tokyo, he started to attend to people and to heal with only the contact of his hands, in a spontaneous way. 

His legacy has been kept in Japan. SEITAI Kyokai: www.seitai.org

When he was fifteen, his reputation as a healer was widely known to the extent that he had his own dojo. He trained as a traditional Japanese doctor and he also learned the scientific European subject-matters to be able to understand why what he was doing worked. 

In the 1950’s,  thanks to his intuition and to the close observation of the movement in the líving beings as well as human beings behaviour, he was able to disclose that the Universe and life move in five directions with two polarities in plus and less. 

They are the five universal moviments in + and –

The Vertical Movement goes upwards.

The Frontal Movement goes forwards.

The Lateral Movement goes sidewards

The Rotary Movement goes backwards.

The Central Movement goes downwards-inwards.

In Physics

Electromagnetics is the vertical movement

Weak nuclear force is the frontal movement.

The fifth force, soon to be discovered, is the lateral force.

The strong nuclear force is the rotary movement.