4. The Interrelation among the Physical, the Biological, and the Pshychic-mental. The Osei and Katsumi Mamine.

Katsumi Mamine (1944-2020) was a pupil of Haruchika Noguchi and received special training from him. In the 1970’s he started to disclose the Seitai culture from Barcelona by attending hundreds of people.  


Photo: Loly Carballido

The Seitai Foundation of Barcelona is the site where the legacy of Katsumi Mamine is kepthttps://www.seitaibarcelona.com/inicio/

Katsumi Mamine examined different data from modern science and he verified that they confirm the findings of Noguchi about life movement and the way they understand human nature. 

At the beginning of the 21st century, he showed how each one of the universal movements creates and interrelates the energetic, biological, and psychic-mental aspects of life. 

They are the five extrovert and introvert oseis: Vertical, Frontal, Lateral, Rotatory, and Central. 

In the Biological Functions the oseis generate and activate different systems:

The Vertical Osei, the nervous system.

The Frontal Osei, the motor-respiratory system.

The Lateral Osei, the digestive-circulatory system.

The Rotary Osei, the urinary-recycling system.

The Central Osei, the reproductive-regenerative-connective system.

In the psyche and behaviour the oseis generate the following desires

The Vertical Osei, the desire to observe.

The Frontal Osei, the desire to go towards an objective-goal.

The Lateral Osei, the desire to express emotions.

The Rotary Osei, the desire to disagree and to fight.

The Central Osei, the desire of intimacy and the sexual desire. 

In the Mind:

The Vertical Osei is the contemplative mind.

The Frontal Osei is the pragmatic mind.

 The Lateral Osei is the emotional mind.

 The Rotary Mind is the competitive mind.

  The Central Osei is the absolute mind.