The Project

The spontaneous movement has made us be born, grow up, and it keeps us alive.*

Developing our own spontaneous movement allows us to express our lives and to recover from physical disorder as well as from psychic unease.

We can nurture it through intuitive practice of Katsugen Undo, Yuki, and Gyoki which have been brought back by the Seitai culture.

The core of our project is to respect, understand, and foster the spontaneous movement in different fields of human culture and in our everyday life. 

This project is the initiative of people who have different experiences that meet at the core of an idea: to share the practice of Seitai and spontaneous movement from a perspective based on life experience.  Most of these people have been practicing Seitai for years and they were looking for a pleasant place to meet and where they could share their experiences. Therefore, this is a place open to deep thinking and, why not, to do research on spontaneous movement and its effects on the person’s wellbeing. 

Today there are no borders in communication. So, our project takes place simultaneously online and in person, depending on the interest of the groups that participate.  

We already have previous experience of hybrid meetings which have proved to be very positive and that have gathered people from Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Seville, Madrid, Cordoba, Barcelona, among others. Sharing and practicing is the main aim of these meetings. 

Ours is a far-reaching and open project. In the Activities section you can see the different proposals that are being offered. We are always ready to add new ideas. 

The Experience section is a space to share ideas and where you can tell your opinion and personal experience. In the Human Culture section you can find information essential to the valuable human culture about the spontaneous movement in the universe, about life, and about the human being. In the Seitai Culture section the benefits of this culture about life/health in human nature are exposed. 

We want to create a friendly space where we can experience Seitai and spontaneous movement together. Sharing our experiences will make us get closer to each other and will enhance the wonderful human culture. 

You can come personally to our Centres (see Contact Us). You can also write or phone us. If you want to know what Seitai is about or try some practice, you  can ask for a free meeting through Activities 2022-2023. We will be delighted to have you here with us. 


Human team Seitai Centre Spontaneous Movement.


* Katsumi Mamine Miwa (1944-2020)