The Appearence of the Five Oseis on the Face

Thanks to the pictorial work o Emilio Alonso Wilson, we can see how the five oseis appear in different expressions on the face of a person. 

This study is the result of several personal interviews with four subjects. In each interview the frames that show each one of the five oseis on the face of the subject have been chosen. The portrait of each one of them has been made according to these frames. 

A description by the painter is added to each one the five portraits that show how every one of the five oseis is expressed on the face of the same subject. 

This work is an invitation to observe the unity of the person through their micro-expressions in each one of the five movements. It aims at making us aware of what there is beyond a person’s circumstances and how he or she can identify him/herself within and from each one of these states of mind.