About us

Luis Alonso

Psychologist, registered with number 30695. Seitai instructor

I was born in 1960 in Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza, Spain). I have been interested in human nature since I was 15, specially it’s the psyche and its mind. I studied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and I got my degree in 1982.

I realized that my training in psychology was not enough to understand human nature since it did not connect mind and body. Neither did biology or its therapeutical application, medicine.

This is the reason why I decided to focus on other perspectives, both in their theoretical and their applied variants: psychotherapy based on the subject, training group, bioenergy, transactional analysis, assertive techniques, Gestalt psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, rebirthing, chiromassage, digitopuncture, yoga, pranayama, sophrology, Jakobson relaxation, zen buddhism, hypnosis, anti-gymnastics, rolfing, transcendental meditation, PNL, BDM, Process Communication Model, and more. 

I learnt about Seitai by chance. For 35 years I have trained intensively in this culture in the Barcelona Seitai School with Katsumi Mamine Miwa (1944-2020). I have worked very closely with him, creating a new language to explain Seitai and in having his books published (www.seitai-cvp.com)

I am a Seitai instructor and Vice president of the Barcelona SEITAI Foundation. I have been working on physical disorder and personal psychic unease from the perspective of the spontaneous movement using the practice of yuki and psychic orientation. This allows to identify the repressed desire and to attend to its blocked physical and psychic movement with the aim to help them get their natural breadth back. 

While being  a Seitai instructor, I was also a teacher of History and Geography and the principal of the Secondary School Can Puig in Sant Pere de Ribes (1998-2022) (www.iescanpuig.com).

My PhD at the University of Barcelona dealt with the topic of personality and individual differences since it is essential to understand the specific nature of each individual. My advisor was the dean of the College of Psychology, professor Josep Maria Tous i Ral. My thesis led me to do some research on the five movements of the Universe in the human being (2022). My research shows that there is a new personality dimension: the highly adaptive personality. 

Collaborator of the following books by Katsumi Mamine:

  1. The osei in everyday life.
  2. Osei and muscular CVP.
  3. Osei and bone CVP and Seitai, a new understanding of human nature.
  4. The vital movement.
  5. Seitai and the observation of human nature
  6. A cultural vision of health.
  7. Espacio vida mente.
  8. Life, the five osei.

María Jesús García

I was born in Madrid in 1961

When I was seven I loved dancing and moving around and I still love it. I have been practicing yoga and rhythmic gymnastics.

At 19 I went to St Prex in Switzerland to study healing pedagogy. I practiced Eutony, Bohmer gymnastics. Once I finished my training, I went to Germany where I worked in different schools and institutions as a healing educator. 

I started my training in eurythmics and for some years I had been researching the nature of movement in a dance  company. 

Back to Switzerland, I worked for twenty-two years in a therapeutical centre with children and youths as a social/healing educator.

Thirty years ago I was introduced to Seitai by a friend and I practiced with her till I met Jean Benayou and attended some of his courses. I also gathered a small group of people to practice Katsugen Undo and Yuki. In 2016 I went to the Barcelona dojo for the first time. There I was able to follow the courses given by Katsumi Mamine until 2020 and later I continued my training with Luis Alonso. 

Luisa Hens

I was born in Madrid, in 1969. I got interested in natural therapy, specifically in oriental medicine, at an early age. I was drawn to it by the way it focuses on the body-mind as a unity which allows to see the person as a whole. I understood that the way the human being can attain a state of health is by recovering its true Nature. 

This belief led me to train in Shiatsu and Ito Thermie (1996-1999) in the School of Japanese Therapies of Hideo Asai (Barcelona) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine i(2000-2004) in Cenac (Barcelona).

I continued my training by following post-graduate courses of Acupuncture and Chinese and Japanese Moxibustion with Li Pint, Tran Viet Dzung, Sona Tahan, and Stephen Birch, among others. 

I discovered Seitai in 2010 through Jean Benayoun. Two years later, I met Katsumi Mamine and I attended his courses at the Barcelona Dojo. 

I have trained with Jean Benayoun, Katsumi Mamine, Mutsuko Nomura and with Luis Alonso. 

For me, Seitai was a true discovery. Through the practice of katsugen undo and yuki, I started to nurture the sensitivity that lies in each one of us. I became aware of how our feelings are important and about the capacity of our organisms to readjust. 

I have been practicing Zazen (silent meditation) for twelve years with the teacher Concha Quintana. 

My main motivation is to understand and attend to the human being in recovering its own vital force. This is why I have been working in my own centre in Cordova attending to people by using different Chinese medicine techniques. I also hold sessions of katsugen undo and yuki. 

Pilar Alonso

I was born in Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza) in 1956. I studied Mathematics at the University of Zaragoza and got my degree in 1978.

Professionally I have been a Math teacher in different secondary schools -Zaragoza, the Spanish School Giner the los Ríos in Lisbon, the Spanish School Vicente Cañada Blanch in London, and in the European School I in Brussels. I have also been school principal, training advisor, and educational supervisor for the Department of Education in Zaragoza. 

I knew about Seitai in the 90s through Luis Alonso but it was not till 2000 that I started practicing in the Barcelona Dojo.

I attended the Saturday sessions led by Nuria Bohigas, Nuria Padrós and later by Luis Alonso. I also took summer and winter courses led by Katsumi Mamine. Since then Seitai has been part of my life.

I personally think that it is very important to make it widely known and this is the reason for me to join this project

Esther López

I was born in Barcelona in 1969. I have always been curious and interest in the human being in its different dimensions: relational, personality, self-awareness, etc. I studied work Social at the University School of Social Work of Barcelona and Later I graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Sevilla University.

My interest in personality and self-knowledge led me also to carry out the Gestalt Therapist Training (The Montera, Seville, 2017-2021) and also start the formation of the SAT PROGRAM of the Claudio Naranjo Foundation.

My professional activity is developed in Social Services Community members of the Seville City Council for 22 years.

I got to know SEITAI at the end of the 80s thanks to Luis Alonso, with who I have trained and practiced. The Seitai culture and its valuable practices I integrated them into my life in a natural way since the theses of Seitai resonated with me and with my way of understanding life-health no stridency

From Seitai, the human being is understood from a perspective holistic, and the practices of kachuguen and yuki have helped me realize how psychological conflicts manifest in the body in the form of body shells and allow to discover and dissolve the physical and emotional blocks.

Teresa Cambra

I was born in Barcelona in 1961. I studied piano at the Conservatorio del Liceu de Barcelona where I obtained the medio (professional) grade of the 1966 plan. Graduated in Philosophy and Letters from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, I taught literature, language and music classes at the Institute Public for 12 years. From 1999 until January 2024, I worked as an Education Inspector in different locations in Catalonia and was attached to the artistic education area of the Education Inspectorate.

Likewise, I have been part of the GRIA group of the University of Barcelona for the defense of children’s rights and I have participated in several European programs as a teacher: LINGUA, EUROSCOLA, COMENIUS and ARION. Since 2015 I have been an evaluator of the ERASMUS+ programs.

I have trained in Seitai since 2007 with Katsumi Mamine, Luis Alonso, Núria Bohigas and Núria Padrós.

Currently at Centro Seitai Movimiento Espontáneo I am a trainer of the Music and Seitai courses and communication coordinator.