7. The reinvigorating spontaneous movement: Katsugen undo, Yuki, and Gyoki.

The continous blocking of some of the five spontaneous movements is the inner cause of physical disorder, psychic discomfort, and loss of health.  

When it happens our organism makes spontaneous movements to regain its own coordination which will help us to get our natural wellness back.  

The practice of Katsugen undo helps us be aware of these movements and follow them in a continuous way with no control or intention. This brings our vitality back. 

Yuki is when we pay attention to an excessively tightened area of the body with our hands, especially along the backbone. This communication is pleasant and it helps restore the wideness of its natural movement.

Gyoki is when we focus on the breathing of any area of the our organism, especially along the backbone by relaxing the excessively tense vertebrae.

Nurturing the spontaneous movement with the practice of gyoki, katsugen undo, and yuki diminishes excessive tension, broadens our breathing, and lets us regain the vitality of our being.