Our activities are focused on training: Inicial, Ongoing, and Specific training. Individual attention and online consultation are also available.

Courses can take place in different locations. You can tell us what you have in mind through the email address in the Contact Us section and we will answer as soon as possible. 

Initial Training  

It is an introduction to the Seitai culture and the intuitive practice of katsugen undo, yuki, and gyoki. It can be done individually, in twos, or in a  group. 

Continuous Training

It takes place in weekly meetings where we share the intuitive practice of katsugen undo, yuki, and gyoki together with the observation and understanding of the spontaneous movement in everyday life. 

The dynamics of the session is very active since it combines practice and dialoguing with the people in charge of the activity. The contrast of opinions and the personal feelings in the spontaneous movement offer a rich life experience. 

Specific Training

Here we focus on a particular topic: Seitai orientation, upbringing, katsugen undo, yuki, gyoki, and music from the perspective of the spontaneous movement. This training is open and new sessions will be scheduled. The main idea behind it is to open the centre to new proposals. 

There is also the possibility of courses on demand in other places different from those that appear in this web. 

Initial or specific training can take place in other places if there are enough people interested in them.  

Individual Attention

It consists of the practice of yuki and psychic orientation. The main aim is to identify the desire that has been suppressed  and to attend to its blocked physical and psychic movement. 

Online Consultation

Send your questions to

Free Sessions

If you want to try some Seitai practice in a group session, please send a message through our email address and we will add you to the session. 

Remember that the aim of these activities is to foster the person’s well-being.